For Parents

For Parents

How A Therapist Can Help With Parenting

There’s no job in the world tougher than that of being a parent.

And if you’re the parent of a teenager, it can be immensely stressful.

Like many things, the experience of parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual and so much of the advice out there is difficult to apply to your specific situation. Kids in our westside bubble are under a unique level of pressure socially and academically. But I believe that same pressure manifested in a different way is on westside parents to figure out the best opportunities for their kids and make sure they’re set up for the best future possible.

If there is anything your kids will teach you it’s that they are individuals in each and every way with their own temperaments and approaches to life’s problems. It’s common that one of your kids will match your own temperament quite well, whereas another one is different and you butt heads frequently. Therapy can be helpful to learn more effective ways of communicating and how to parent a child with a difficult temperament.

It can all become overwhelming and many times it’s compounded because this is bringing up unresolved trauma from your own family of origin and you’re reactive to those feelings. Seeing a therapist for yourself can help you resolve grief and trauma and learn better ways to handle your adolescent while they’re struggling. Many times if you’re calmer in the house, they’ll calm down too. Single parents are especially prone to a range of mental health ailments from depression to anxiety and are often one of the most under-pressure groups in any social setting.

Not only will a therapist help you understand the responsibilities and limits of parenting a teen but also they can help you understand the limits of your influence as a parent and which things you cannot control.

One of the largest benefits of therapy is that you can learn new skills for how to communicate with your teenager and, often, communication is half the battle with a young teen. Expanding your skillset as a parent will not only bear dividends for your own mental health but will also help you assist your teenager in navigating the often scary waters of young adulthood.

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