The Best Gym Therapy (by far!)

The Best Gym Therapy (by far!)

Yoga has met it’s match! Traditional bodywork is out. Cue The Class by Taryn Toomey.

The Class has already taken New York by storm and I was lucky to catch a pop up class offered in Los Angeles this morning.

My mind is blown. It’s amazing. She combines everything I love and taps into every emotion in an hour and 15min.









More than half the class was spent jumping up and downstomping our feet into the dance floor as hard as possible while yelling with each stomp. This is the exact opposite of yoga. There’s no quieting anything. You feel everything as intense as possible and express it.

Taryn also took us to the other extreme. While kneeling on the ground resting my head in my hands it was difficult not to cry.

At another point I found myself grinning while holding back tears at the same time. I’m not sure what emotion that was? Euphoria? Flow?

Going through the movements is physically exhausting as well. Taryn was talking to us encouraging mindfulness of our own thoughts. “Those thoughts saying to stop. I can’t do it. I’m too tired. Who’s voice is that really? Who have you internalized? Think back to when you were little. Where does this come from? It’s not helping you now!”

At another point we were doing jumping jacks and yelling with blasting music. Exhausted, we focused in on that discomfort aiming to identify the first time we’d ever felt it. The whole class was highly psychological. I’ve used this same technique countless times with clients in my office.

This isn’t a 7am type of workout. It’s definitely an end of the day right before bed type of deal. It takes everything out of you. I left with the feeling of mental and physical exhaustion. This would be amazing for people struggling with racing thoughts and anger and sadness. I’d love to see if this could ignite anger in someone who’s depressed. After all, depression is anger turned inwards. How about a flood of emotions in someone who’s numb and feels nothing? Who doesn’t want to scream in a room full of other people screaming after a nasty breakup? Nothing is held back.

Sleep and exercise are the most important things you can do for mental health. I can’t wait to see how this works as an adjunct treatment to psychotherapy. The bodywork involved opens you up and repressed emotions are felt and given a space.

A combination of everything including:

  • Cardio
  • Strength training similar to the floor work of a barre class
  • Yelling which activates the vagal nerve and releases anxiety and stress in the body
  • Repetitive bodywork movements that bring up emotions
  • Psychoanalysis through identifying the earliest memory of the discomfort
  • Object Relations framework for the internalized thoughts in your head that aren’t yours
  • Cognitive therapy to challenge your negative thoughts
  • Meditation
  • Community of people around you

I absolutely cannot wait for this to open in LA permanently. It’s going to cost something ridiculous and we are all going to be begging for them to take our money.



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